Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage Journals

I am using this blog to practice my writing.

My mom and dad bought me some journals for Christmas but I think this blog is much more fun because I can add pictures. Even though it is hard to start a post it just keeps coming once i do start writing.

I do have other activities like guitar and croatian school and then soccer when it gets warmer so I will try to write once a week. I hope you will check on livdaily "daily" or "weekly".

image from here

I will basically be writing about what I am doing or what I see. I am using a computer but here are some journals I saw in a catalog at our house that would be good for writing in so my mom suggested I write a post about them.

I really like the Paris one in the background since I am in french class. I have seen a lot of butterflies in decorations when shopping with my mom so i think it is a big trend right now.

Also, I really like that they are "vintage".


  1. Hi Olivija!

    I am a friend of your Mom's. We met in blogworld and now have become very good friends. She told me you are having a birthday party this weekend. I know she is running all over town getting stuff for your fun day!

    Btw, you ears looks so beautiful pierced!!!

    Im sending your way my very best Birthday wishes for a special weekend!!!


  2. Hi Liv,
    What a darling blog :)
    I would encourage you to keep at it.
    Have a great summer.

  3. Dear Olivija - what a beautiful blog you have.
    Just like your mother!

    I know you are sad right now and that life feels difficult. I want you to know that I and my children Oscar (7) and Isabella (4) are thinking of you, Nigel, Tata, Baka and all the wonderful friends you have and who loved your mother.
    She was very special and I know how much she loved you. She spoke about you all the time and was so very very proud of you all!

    We are thinking of you now and sending you lots of love. If you want me to send you some butterflies, please ask your Tata and we can work out how I best do so. I am an artist you see. I paint pictures for children and would love to send you something that perhaps would make you a little less sad.

    Biggest hugs to you and your family. Stay strong sweetheart. Your beautiful mother is by your side always, only you can't see her. Just close your eyes and you can feel and her her in your heart.

    xx Charlotta

  4. Dear Olivija,

    I am a reader of your mom's blog and followed her link to yours. I have loved reading both of them, and I hope you will continue to write.

    Like all the wonderful people who have written replied to your dad's beautiful message, I am so very sorry about the loss of your mom. I told my own family it, and we all have been thinking about you, your brother, and your dad.

    I will carry your wonderful family in my heart for many months to come.

  5. I'm looking forward to reading your blog daily. You will know when the time is right to continue. So lots of love.

    Lisa xx


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