Monday, February 15, 2010

The Opinion

he opinion is basically my review of the book. The good things and the things that were not very good. It also is the where to discuss how the book made me feel.

I really enjoyed this book but:

I did think some parts were confusing because the main characters involved other people in their war without telling them they were in the war.

I could relate to this book because:

I love the idea of starting my own business and I would plan it like Jessie did. I also really like math so I would try to work out the profits like Jessie did. I really liked seeing her formulas for making money in the book. I also love lemonade :)

I can also relate to this book because I have a brother and even though he is younger we do argue and deep down we really love each other. I would rather win a contest with him than beat him!

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