Friday, February 12, 2010

The Plot

The plot of the book is the main action of the book. What happened, how and why. It is where we learn about the characters by their actions. It is the story.

Jessie figured out that by setting up multiple different stands and hiring other kids to help sell the lemonade she could sell more and win. Jessie and her friend Megan each made $104.00 at their stands. Throughout the book, Jesse worked on her business plan to sell at different locations and had a "strategy" to make as much money as possible. Jessie and Megan each sold $104.00!! For a total of $208.00!!

Evan didn't do anything fancy to sell his lemonade. It was a very hot day and Evan did a good job selling to all the customers but his people skills were not enough to sell more than his sister's two stands. Evan didn't take time to come up with a plan and while he was busy talking to customers he didn't notice that there was bugs in his lemonade! This caused him to lose many sales. Evan only made $103.00

The problem is that Jessie was not honest with Megan and told her that she raised the money to give to an animal rescue shelter. She didn't want Megan to know it was a lemonade war.

Evan looked so sad that he lost and Jessie realized that this whole competition ruined the end of their fun summer. She decides to tell Evan the truth - that half of the money was raised by Megan. This basically means that they tied!

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