Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Project

Every semester we have the assignment to write a report on a book we read that we liked.

My book is going to be "LEMONADE WAR" by Jacqueline Davies.

It is the first book I read this semester. Actually i think I started it last semester but I think it is perfect for a book report because it is easy to understand and I think my classmates would really enjoy it too and enjoy hearing about it.

I have to do a written report and a project and a presentation. My project is to do a "blog" about the book. It will be like a journal about reading the book and it will involve more writing and learning about images and the computer. Then any of my friends who read the book can add "comment" on my blog.

A "blog" is a "web log". It is a way to keep a journal that is "interactive" meaning people can include things and you can update it with pictures or videos or anything else and you can do it from anywhere there is the world wide web (basically everywhere).

I hope you enjoy it!

PART 1: Setting - Meet Jessie & Evan Treske

PART 2: Plot - The Lemonade War

PART 3: Conclusion - The Lemonade Lesson

PART 4: My Opinion - Read this Book!

Also, my parents are helping me with the pictures and I am learning how to work the formatting but the writing is by me and they will help only with spelling if I need it because there is no spellcheck!

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