Thursday, November 18, 2010

japanese erasers!

Hey, have you heard of japanese erasers? They are these animals, cars, food, stoplights and so much more! So they are erasers with a shape and better yet, they are a 3D puzzle. You can take them apart build them up again then of course erase with them! Here is a pic.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello, have you heard of sqwishies? They are really neat! They are these little squishy animals. Did you know that they have glow in the dark sqwishies?! I have the big pig, elephant,fish and the monkey. My small ones are the pig, elephant, fish,turtle and my favorite is the white panda! Unfortunately they don't glow in the dark. I think these sqwishies are really awesome! Comment below if you, your child or anyone you know has one.
photo.JPG Here is a picture of mine.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4th Grade Fun!

Hi, I haven't posted in a long time but I intend to start posting regularly. Now I am in fourth grade and I am 9 years old. I have a really nice teacher named Mrs. Reihle. She is the best teacher ever! She lets us make choices in the classroom and she loves to read. We have reading time right after lunch. It is awesome because we get to read for an hour and a half. Here are some great books if you want to check them out: Harry Potter Series, Finally by Wendy Mass and 11 Birthdays also by Wendy Mass. Well.... stay tuned!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage Journals

I am using this blog to practice my writing.

My mom and dad bought me some journals for Christmas but I think this blog is much more fun because I can add pictures. Even though it is hard to start a post it just keeps coming once i do start writing.

I do have other activities like guitar and croatian school and then soccer when it gets warmer so I will try to write once a week. I hope you will check on livdaily "daily" or "weekly".

image from here

I will basically be writing about what I am doing or what I see. I am using a computer but here are some journals I saw in a catalog at our house that would be good for writing in so my mom suggested I write a post about them.

I really like the Paris one in the background since I am in french class. I have seen a lot of butterflies in decorations when shopping with my mom so i think it is a big trend right now.

Also, I really like that they are "vintage".

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink Vacation

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!!!

I ended up with pink eye. I literaly had pink eyes! Instead of a three day weekend for President's Day I had a SEVEN DAY weekend (with some home work included).

I enjoyed that weekend but I missed my friends and my teachers. I also missed my Valentine's Day party. But "all in all" I had a wonderful "vacation".

Best part? The museum of science and industry, chinese food at "Ben Pao" my favorite restaurant since I was little (and now Nigel loves it too).

I used to think that dragon was sooooo big! and then my favorite new hobby: antique shopping with my mom! hopefully I can convince her to go back and buy the cash register!

This week I am busy on my book report. More about it later. Have a great week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Opinion

he opinion is basically my review of the book. The good things and the things that were not very good. It also is the where to discuss how the book made me feel.

I really enjoyed this book but:

I did think some parts were confusing because the main characters involved other people in their war without telling them they were in the war.

I could relate to this book because:

I love the idea of starting my own business and I would plan it like Jessie did. I also really like math so I would try to work out the profits like Jessie did. I really liked seeing her formulas for making money in the book. I also love lemonade :)

I can also relate to this book because I have a brother and even though he is younger we do argue and deep down we really love each other. I would rather win a contest with him than beat him!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Conclusion

The conclusion of the book is how things end and how the characters change (or don't change) and the lesson that is learned from the book.

Jessie and Evan somehow lose the money that they each earned. And they also lose Megan's money. They needed to work together to come up with a way to re-pay Megan.

No more war!!

They enter into a Labor Day Contest together and create posters explaining their Lemonade Business ideas. Their winning poster earns them $100 - enough to pay back Megan.

The end of the summer was almost ruined and they almost stayed in a war but together, they made a good situation out of a bad one.

They made lemonade out of lemons!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Plot

The plot of the book is the main action of the book. What happened, how and why. It is where we learn about the characters by their actions. It is the story.

Jessie figured out that by setting up multiple different stands and hiring other kids to help sell the lemonade she could sell more and win. Jessie and her friend Megan each made $104.00 at their stands. Throughout the book, Jesse worked on her business plan to sell at different locations and had a "strategy" to make as much money as possible. Jessie and Megan each sold $104.00!! For a total of $208.00!!

Evan didn't do anything fancy to sell his lemonade. It was a very hot day and Evan did a good job selling to all the customers but his people skills were not enough to sell more than his sister's two stands. Evan didn't take time to come up with a plan and while he was busy talking to customers he didn't notice that there was bugs in his lemonade! This caused him to lose many sales. Evan only made $103.00

The problem is that Jessie was not honest with Megan and told her that she raised the money to give to an animal rescue shelter. She didn't want Megan to know it was a lemonade war.

Evan looked so sad that he lost and Jessie realized that this whole competition ruined the end of their fun summer. She decides to tell Evan the truth - that half of the money was raised by Megan. This basically means that they tied!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Gift Idea

When I was searching the "web" for interesting pics i found this cool bracelet kit.

i found this here

I think this bracelet kit would be a great valentines day gift for people who enjoy making jewelry. It would also be good for creative people with patience and maybe a bracelet store in their attic. "hint hint".

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Setting

Discussing the setting of the book means talking about where everything happens. Talking about the people and characters is important also and part of the setting and introduction.

The Lemonade War takes place one week before the beginning of school over Labor Day weekend. It takes place mostly at the Treski's house and also around their town.

Jessie Treski and Evan Treski are siblings. Jessie is book smart. Her older brother, Evan, is people smart. They are two years apart in age. But Jessie and Evan just found out they will be in the same class this year!

Jessie is going to skip third grade and go to fourth. Her mother just received a letter that she will be in the same class as her brother Evan. Jessie is very excited! She is also nervous because she won't have any of her friends with her in her class.

Her brother Evan is not excited that Jessie will be in his class. This causes Jessie and Evan to argue quite a bit which also upsets their mother.

Jessie and Evan's mother is very important in the book. Jessie and Evan do not want to fight in front of her because their father recently died and they are trying to be good and not upset her.

The idea of a "LEMONADE WAR" is Jesse and Evan's way to keep from fighting. It is a contest selling lemonade to end their fighting. The winner takes all!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Project

Every semester we have the assignment to write a report on a book we read that we liked.

My book is going to be "LEMONADE WAR" by Jacqueline Davies.

It is the first book I read this semester. Actually i think I started it last semester but I think it is perfect for a book report because it is easy to understand and I think my classmates would really enjoy it too and enjoy hearing about it.

I have to do a written report and a project and a presentation. My project is to do a "blog" about the book. It will be like a journal about reading the book and it will involve more writing and learning about images and the computer. Then any of my friends who read the book can add "comment" on my blog.

A "blog" is a "web log". It is a way to keep a journal that is "interactive" meaning people can include things and you can update it with pictures or videos or anything else and you can do it from anywhere there is the world wide web (basically everywhere).

I hope you enjoy it!

PART 1: Setting - Meet Jessie & Evan Treske

PART 2: Plot - The Lemonade War

PART 3: Conclusion - The Lemonade Lesson

PART 4: My Opinion - Read this Book!

Also, my parents are helping me with the pictures and I am learning how to work the formatting but the writing is by me and they will help only with spelling if I need it because there is no spellcheck!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to my blog, Liv Daily. Here I will be writing about the things I like and the people I love.

I will be posting about things like dogs, my art projects, my book reports, my bracelet "store", and other hobbies of mine. My teacher has a cabinet of beginnings and endings to a story and other useful phrases. I think "hobbies of mine" was one of them. So it's probably a good time to end this post.

Stay tuned to Liv Daily. Liv daily is the place where I can stay in touch with my friends and family. I hope you enjoy my writing and my ideas.

Something about me: I LOVE APPLES! honeycrisp apples. I'm picky about apples.

image from here.