Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Setting

Discussing the setting of the book means talking about where everything happens. Talking about the people and characters is important also and part of the setting and introduction.

The Lemonade War takes place one week before the beginning of school over Labor Day weekend. It takes place mostly at the Treski's house and also around their town.

Jessie Treski and Evan Treski are siblings. Jessie is book smart. Her older brother, Evan, is people smart. They are two years apart in age. But Jessie and Evan just found out they will be in the same class this year!

Jessie is going to skip third grade and go to fourth. Her mother just received a letter that she will be in the same class as her brother Evan. Jessie is very excited! She is also nervous because she won't have any of her friends with her in her class.

Her brother Evan is not excited that Jessie will be in his class. This causes Jessie and Evan to argue quite a bit which also upsets their mother.

Jessie and Evan's mother is very important in the book. Jessie and Evan do not want to fight in front of her because their father recently died and they are trying to be good and not upset her.

The idea of a "LEMONADE WAR" is Jesse and Evan's way to keep from fighting. It is a contest selling lemonade to end their fighting. The winner takes all!

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